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FaceBook Christian Fiction Lovers Themed Parties by Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has Facebook Parties for readers every other month. She invites other authors to join her in these themed parties. There is a limit of 10 authors per party on a first come, first serve basis. If too many authors sign up for any one party, we may have an additional party with the same theme on another day. We also have book launch parties for your book's new launch.

To enter your name on the mailing list for future parties, click this link


Authors network to gain exposure for their published novels.

Authors will be able to promote their books during the FB party and on the Themed Christian Book Lovers Parties FB Group.

Authors will gain a larger audience by networking with other authors with similar books.

All the pre-planning work for the party is done for you.

Authors' books and bios will be promoted on Word Sharpeners Blog and on Social Media.

Paid Social Media Ads will advertise the parties.


Each author must meet the requirement of having a published book with a Christian world theme that meets the guidelines of the theme.

Each author must have an active FaceBook account.

Each author must participate in the party to promote his or her book for his or her half hour time slot.

Each author must be willing to give away one book (ebook or print)

Each author must contribute $25 for 1/2 hour spot, $35 for 1 hour spot, or $50 for extensive help during the party. 

FB Prizes:

During these Facebook parties, a drawing will be held.

Giveaways include a grand prize of a $50 Amazon Card or a runner up prize of every participating author's book.

Authors will also have opportunities to give away other prizes during their time slot.

Sign up at this link to receive information on Upcoming Parties.

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